Health Sanitary Inspectors

This program will groom students for management roles in emerging Healthcare environments.


Diploma in Health Inspector is a popular choice amongst candidates looking to pursue a career in Public Health, Sanitation, and Private Medical Bodies. The students not only require a good knowledge of Biology and Basic Medical Practices but also need to have an urge to serve the patients suffering from hygiene issues. The pass-outs of Diploma in Health Inspector course are generally responsible for maintaining high-quality hygiene in the organizations in which they work.

Paramedical professionals hold an important place in the healthcare sector. Although the real decision making lies in the hands of doctors and surgeons, paramedical professionals make sure that the guidelines suggested by doctors are implemented in a proper manner.

This course, Diploma in Health Inspector, trains students about methods and practices involved in maintaining top notch hygiene conditions. The students are given the knowledge about developing competence in health and family welfare, fulfilling the need for healthcare professionals with regards to government policies and developing expertise in public health. This is made possible by including subjects like Community Health, Role of Environment in Health, Nutrition & Healthcare etc.

Since Medical Tourism is constantly growing, Diploma in Health Inspector course trains students to fulfill growing demand of skilled medical personnel in the country. The curriculum f this course is designed in such a way that it lays emphasis on both theoretical and practical aspects of healthcare and sanitation.

Diploma in Health Inspector can lead students to some worthy jobs and roles, as healthcare is one of the largest and important sectors of the country. The students can be appointed to various junior and mid-level jobs in Municipal Corporations, Private Hospitals, Public Hospitals, Hotels, Diagnostic Laboratories and Pathology Labs.

Students who have completed DHI are offered sub-managerial roles like Medical Assistants, Laboratory Assistants, Multipurpose Health Worker, Field Assistant etc. With experience, the candidates can also rise to managerial positions like Health Inspector, Sanitation Inspector, and Food Inspector.

There are many higher education opportunities available after this course also. Students can further pursue courses like B.Sc. in Health Inspector, B.Sc. in Sanitation Inspector, B.Sc. in Food Technology, B.Sc. in Health Science, Bachelors in Ecology and Environment, Bachelor in Water Management etc.

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