Maflekumen Higher Institute was founded about 18years in Tiko by a prominent Cameroonian intellectual,Doctor and educator.


Years of history and education

MCHS was founded  by  Dr. Anselm Akume  Ewang   and authorized on October 5, 1996, as a non–for-profit,  Non-Governmental Organization under  MINAT Reg No: 779/G37/1/D14/VOL.11/926/OAPP.As a health oriented NGO   it obtained a partnership agreement No:E23-170/L/MSP/SG/IG/CJ  with Cameroon  Ministry   of Public Health in May 2001.

In 2008  MCHS  NGO  gave   birth   to  a  Tertiary   Educational   Institution  called :  Maflekumen  Higher  Institute   of  Health  Sciences  . This  Tertiary   Training  Institution  was  Authorized  and  Accredited by  Prime  Ministerial No: 001845/10/04/2008 and  Ministry  of  Higher  Education  No : 08/0113/MINESUP/05/05/08 to  run a Medical   and  Biomedical  Sciences Faculty at  Higher  National  Diploma  (HND) Level with   the following   specialties  :  Nursing  Sciences,  Medical  Laboratory Sciences   and  Health  Care  management.

 To    further  strengthen  its  training  capacity   in  the  tertiary  education  sector  Maflekumen  Higher  Institute  signed  a  memorandum  of  Understanding  with  University  of  Buea Cameroon  for   mentorship , monitoring , supervision  and Evaluation   of its  Bachelors   Degree  Programs  in  Nursing  Sciences   and  Medical  Laboratory  Sciences  in  June  2009

In  2012  the  Maflekumen   Higher   Institute  obtained   membership   Status  with  the   Association  of  African  Universities   with  Headquarters  in  Ghana.

In abit  to  expand its    horizon with  other  government  training  certification agency , the  NGO  obtained   Authorization     No :   0402/D/MINSANTE/SESP/SG/DHR/14/05/2012  on   May  2012   from   the  Ministry  of  Public Health  to  operate   Maflekumen  School  of   Health Sciences   with  two  training  Cycles  viz  :  Training Cycles  for  State  Registered  Nursing  and  Training  Cycle   for  State   Registered  Medical  Laboratory  Technicians.

The  year  2021  witness   the  extension  of  Maflekumen  Higher  Institute  Tiko  through  Authorization No : 21-00337/N/MINESUP/SG/DDES/ESUP/SDA/Aosb of 18/01/2021  into    the  following  HND   training   Domains/fields. In  the  Medical  and  Biomedical  Sciences  Domain  the   following Specialties   were  accredited  viz Midwifery, Pharmacy  Technology, Nutrition & Dietetics, Health  Sanitary  Inspections, Clinical Optometry, Ophthalmic  Technology, Dental Prosthesis, Prosthesis & Orthotics  and  Ultrasonograhy.

  The   Domain   of   Management   constituted   the  following   Specialties viz:   Project  Management, Human Resource  Management, Events Management, NGO management, Quality Management.  The  Field  of  Business /Finance  constituted :  Banking/Finance, Accountancy, Marketing , Microfinance, Insurance, International trade .While  the  Field  of  Education  is  made  up  of  :  Didactics curriculum development & Teaching, Distance  & Continuing  Education , Education  Management & Administration. Finally   the   field   of  Electrical  and  Electronics  Engineering   constituted  Biomedical Equipment  Maintenance.

   To  maintain  effective  and  quality   training   taking  into  consideration  Ethics  and  deontology the training   apparatus  of  the  NGO  shall   be  divided  into   two  Campuses. The   Schools  of  Health  Sciences  located  in  CAMPUS A situated  on  Plot 118 Holfort  New  Layout  -Long  Street  Tiko  and  the  Schools  of  Management –Business –Education located  in  CAMPUS  B situated  on Plot 1/2  Block XV/A Tiko Golf Layout .


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