It  must   be emphasized    that counseling    is  an  integral  service   in maflekumen  higher  institute.   All    students  who have  challenges   that  need  counseling  or  advice  of  any  form  should   seek  the  services  of  a counselor   in   the    students    affairs   office   in  the   administrative  block during  regular  working  hours.  Apart    from  counseling  service, each  student   is  allowed  to  choose  an  academic   adviser  from  the  permanent  teaching  staff  members  of  Maflekumen.   This  staff  will   also  play  the  roles  of  mentor  and coach  to  that  particular  student  guiding    and  giving   advice  to   the  student   on issues  affecting   the  students   learning  only.

NB :  Academic  advisers   are  not   expected   to  take  any form  of  financial  responsibilities   for   the  students  under   their   care, nor   are  they  expected   to  indulge  in any  advocacy  on behalf   of  the  student  who  goes  contrary  to   the  rules  and  regulations  of  the  school. In the  event  where   the  student  wishes  to  change  their   academic  adviser  , he/she   can  do so with   the  consent  of  the   academic  adviser.



Theoretical   assessment  and  examination is  divided  into  CAs  ( Continuous  assessments)  and  examinations.  The   CA  mark  account   for  30%    and  the  exam  score  70%  of  the   total marks  for  each  course. The  student  must  participate  in all assessment  tasks  as  these  will not be  repeated  once   they  have  been  written .  Examinations  are  written   at  the  end   of  each  semester   and   all  students   are  expected  to  sit  for  the examinations.   Students  will  only  sit   for  exams  if  they  have   paid  in  full , the  tuition fees,  and  have not  been  suspended  by  the  disciplinary  council.

 Also  , students  who  fail  to register  70%  (School    of  Management  Sciences ) or  85%   ( School of  Health  Sciences  ) attendance  per  course  will  neither  be  allowed  to  sit  for  a  Continuous  Assessments , nor  sit   the  course   examination


Letter  Grade

Grade Point









Very Good
















Below  Average










Examination   Rules

All  students  who  are  duly  registered  for  courses  in  a  given  semester  are  eligible   to  sit  for  examination in  those  courses  except  students  of   the  following   categories  :

  1. A  student  who  has  recorded  more  than  10  regular  days  of  unjustified   absences   from  the  Institution without  being  granted  official 
  2. A  student  who  has not  attended  up to  75%  or 80%  of  class lectures , tutorials, or  practical  for  a 

All  students  must  acquaint themselves  with  the  principles /rules governing  examinations  at  Maflekumen so  that  they  will  not  become  victims consciously  so  as  to  face   the  consequences   thereof.   Also  students  must ensure  that  they  sign  the  attendance  sheet  indicating  that  they  actually sat  for  an  examination such that  , should  anything  come  up  . they  will  have  supportive  evidence  to justify  their  cases/claims.

Perfect   silence  and  tranquility should  be  maintained  during  exams/test periods  and  students  may  be  provided  with  writing  materials  like  answer  sheets  but  not  pens, pencils or  rulers.  A  student  can only   leave  the  examination  hall  after  exhausting  half   of   the  examination period  .Late  comers will only  be  allowed  into  the   hall  if  they  are  not  more  than 15 to  30minutes  late  for  examination  and   CAs  respectfully.

Tests  ( CAs)  can  be  given  after  50%   of  the  course   work  has been  completed  and  students   should  be  informed  at  least  four (04) days  before time. However   ,  a teacher  reserves   the  right  to  give  other  assessment tasks  even  without  prior  notice   to   the   students.  Such  tasks  will  add  to ,  and  not  replace  the  main  tests  to be  written  for that  course.  CAs will  be  assessed  on  a  score  of  30  and  the  exams  on 70.

Those  who  miss  CAs  after   having  met  all  the  conditions  for  writing  for   one  reason  or  the  other , have  to  write  an application through the  programme  coordinator  to   the  Head  of  Department  to  the  course  Instructor  .


Resit   examination  shall  come  up  in  August-September   and   the  exams  shall be  on  a  scale  of  70.  The   student’s  score  in  resit  examination will  be  added  to   the  test  score  (CA mark) to  get  a  new   score  on 100.  To  register  for   resit  exams , the  students  will have  to  obtain  a  registration  form  ( Form C) from   the  Department  concerned.  The  Fees  for   resit  Examinations  shall  be determined  by  the  Administration  of  the University.

During   resit   exams, students   are  expected  to  appear  in  their  complete  daily  uniforms  and will not  be  allowed  into   the  hall  if  they  are not  properly  attired.   All  other conditions  guiding  conduct   of  students  during   examinations  shall  also  apply  during   resit  examinations.

   The  Cost  of  Resit  Registration  is  as  follows :



  Resit  Registration

5000 FRS

  Resit  Cost per Theoretical  Courses

 3000 Frs

  Resit   Cost  per  Practical  Course

 5000 Frs

 Resit  Cost  for  Hospital  Placement


  NB:  The costs  above  could  be  modified  if  the  needs  arises ,Students  should  also  make  sure  they  sit  for   the  official  resit  examinations. Because  there  will no longer   be  special   resit  sessions  organized  within  the   semester  for  whatever  reason.


Examination malpractice  includes  coming  into  the  examination  hall  using  prepared  material on  paper, electronic  device, written  on  the body  or  any  other  surface, copying   from  or  allowing    another  student  to copy , communicating  with  another  student, writing  for  other  students  etc.  Students who  are involved  in such  acts  will face  Disciplinary  council  and  may be  suspended  or  expelled  . However   , immediate  action will entail  scoring   the  student  a  zero  and  sending  him/her  out  of   the  examination  hall.  Students  who  get involved  in  examination  malpractices  of  various  forms  risks  being  suspended  or  expelled  from   the  University  with  a  recommendation  that  they   are  prevented  from  attending  any  other  University  in  the  country.  



The    Maflekumen Higher Institute  Tiko  is  an  academic   Institution that   stands for humanity and service, professionalism, knowledge engineering, academic excellence, proactivism and for the integrity of individuals and the nation.  It  is  an  Institution  that  exist to serve the social , cultural and economic institutions in Cameroon  as  well  as exists to improve the quality of Cameroonians by preserving knowledge through Teaching, Research, Community Emancipation, Empowerment and Participation .   Hence   , students   should  do well   to observe   the  following :

  1. Conduct  themselves  decently  and  responsibly  at  all  times, whether  on or away   from  Maflekumen Campus.
  2. No student  shall engage  his/her  fellow  student  or  any  member  of  the  Institution or  Public  in Physical 
  3. Though  students  are not  allowed  to be  exorbitantly  They   are  expected  to  be  modest  , neat  and  presentable  at  all times  especially when  it  concerns formal   academic  routines  like  class  lectures , clinical  and  national  celebrations/events.
  4. All students  should  contribute  to  the  general  cleanliness  of  the  facilities  put  at  their    Thus,  they  should  avoid  littering   the  campus/classrooms  and  should  make  maximum  use  of  the  trash cans  available.
  5. No  item  or  furniture  belonging  to  Maflekumen  should  be  damaged  or moved  out  of  the   campus  without  due  Consequently ,  the  full cost  of  lost  or  damaged  property   will be  borne  by  the  student  concerned.
  6. The auxillary   staff  members  of  Maflekumen (Security  guards, cleaners  ,drivers,etc )  are   responsible   officers  of  the  Institution  .Hence  , no student  should  , on  any  account  insult  or  assault  them,  Any  student  aggrieved  or  hurt  by  any  employee  of  Maflekumen  should  make  a  report  of  their   grievance(s) to  the   Welfare  Officer  who shall  pursue  the matter  with   the  appropriate  quarters 
  7. Students are  cautioned  not  to  smoke , consume  dangerous  drugs or liquor , and  move  with  dangerous  weapons, steal  or  engage  in  any  criminal  practice  in and  out  of  school  that  will  attract  the  disciplinary wrath   of  the    Any  case  which  involves  the forces  of  law  and  order  will not  be  the concern  of  Maflekumen.

NB :  There  shall  be  a  conduct  assessments  for  students  at  the end  of  each  academic  year.   The  numeric  score  of  this  assessment  will  be  recorded  in   the  student’s  transcript.  The  Maflekumen  Senate  reserves   the  right   to  take  a  decision  on   students  whose   conduct  scores  are  below  50%.


Rights , Privileges  and  Obligations  of  all  Maflekumen Students

Maflekumen  recognizes   the  fact  that   students  have   rights , privileges   and obligations which  they  must  understand  properly  but   noting  that  their   academic  goals   must  be  primordial.


  1. The right  of  membership  into  the  Maflekumen  Community
  2. The right  to  receive   tuition  for  the  courses/programmes  into  which  they  have  been  duly 
  3. The right  to  be   examined  in  accordance  with  the  approved  rules  and  regulations  governing  the  award  of   respective degrees  and 
  4. The right  to  be  heard  in  accordance  with  the  rules  governing   the  fundamental  rights  of  freedom  of  speech  and  natural 


  1. The Privilege  of  using  the  name  of  the  Institution   to  protect  themselves  in  all  honest  and  lawful  dealings
  2. The privileges of  using  University   facilities  to  enhance  the  attainment  of   their   educational objectives
  3. The privilege    to  be  certified  at  the  end   of   their   diploma/degree programmes  at  the  University  upon  satisfaction  of   the   accepted   requirements  for  graduation .
  4. The privilege   of  receiving  medical  care  on Campus  within   the limits  of  the  available  resources  provided  by  Maflekumen   


  1. Students must  observe   all  the  rules  and  regulations governing  academic  programmes  such  as  registering   for  courses  and  sitting  for  examinations  at  the  stipulated   time  so  as  to  avoid  untold  consequences .
  2. Students must  respect  and  obey  constituted  authorities  of  the  Institution
  3. Show maximum  consideration  for  other  students  and  for  staff  of   Maflekumen
  4. Treat premises  which  they  may  rent  off –campus  in  a  responsible manner  and  observe   rules  and  regulations  governing  such  premises
  5. Abstain from  engaging  in  any  activity  whatsoever  that  can bring  down   the  reputation  and  name  of   Maflekumen University or  embarrass  its  constituted  
  6. Pay their  tuition  and caution  fees  as  required   to  allow  for   the  smooth  running   of  the 

NB:  Caution  Fees   are  refundable  and  can only   be  refunded  upon  receipt  of  clearance from  the  respective  units  concerned  at   the  end   of   the  course.



Obtaining   Permission

Students  may be  given  permission for  absence  depending  on  the  reason  for  such  an application. Students  who just  need  a  brief  exit  may  get  one  from   one   of  the  Discipline  Masters  or  Mistress . For  those  who  want  up  to  one (1) or  more  day(s) off  , they   must  apply  to  Students  affair  Officer.   All  applications  for  permission  must  be sent  in  at  least  two days  before  the  date  of  exit.  Students  should  note  that  until  their  application  is  granted  , they  are not  allowed  to  leave  school.


  Students   are  expected  to   sit   for  all  the  hours  of  the  Programme  and  so  absences  will not  be  tolerated.  Students  who   accumulate  ten (10)days   absences  and more  , within  the  semester  will be  barred   from  writing  the  end  of  semester   examinations.   The  Class  delegate  shall  conduct  roll  call  at  8a.m  and  4.30PM  each  day.  During   this    exercise , the  students  are  expected  to  sit  quietly    and  answer   their  names.  Any  disturbance  or  acts   of  intimidation towards   the Class  delegate  will  result  in grievous  consequences   for   the  student  concerned.

Absences  accumulated  during  group  work  activities   are  also  counted  as  part   of  the  absences  for  each   semester.  

In  case   of illness  .a  student  must  show  a  medical report from  the  Institution Medical  Staff.   Students  who  happen  to  receive  medical  attention outside  Maflekumen must  return  with   it  to  the  Maflekumen  Doctor  for  Clearance. If  not  the  report  will  be  considered   null  and  void.

   Students  should  keep all  exits  and  other  written  permissions obtained  from  the  School  and  be  ready  to  present  these  when  need  arises.  These  will  serve  as  justification  for  absences, in  the  absence of  which  the  absences   will  be  treated   as  unauthorized  absences  . All   absences  accumulated  in   the  course   of   the  semester  must  be  < paid  back> through  catch  days .  For   absences  not  justified  , the  student  will  have  to be  punished  in  addition  to  catch  up  days.


Mobile Phones

Students   must   turn off   their  mobile  phones  during  classes  and  examinations. Phones  that  ring  or  vibrate  in  class  will  be  confiscated   for  two  weeks before  being  returned   and  if  such  an  incident  repeats  itself  the  student  may  face  the  Disciplinary  Council.   Students   are   allowed  to  answer   calls  only   during  break .They  should not   use   their  phones  in Class  during  Lectures , unless  authorized by  the  lecturer  for  online  research  purposes.

Disciplinary Council


The disciplinary council (DC) is called by the Director of the  School  in consultation with the Ceo . Students may appear before this council after being involved in examination malpractice, rudeness to staff and hierarchy , repeated absences from school, fighting with or beaten up  by another student, and other acts of indiscipline committed in both clinical areas and school premises.

Students may also be call before this council for acts committed neither in the school campus nor placement side, but that in one way or the other affects the reputation of the school .The decision of this council is binding on all involved and may only be reviewed  in the light of new facts.

Any defiance of these regulations will attract sanction that may range from verbal and written warnings ,supplementary manual work, suspension from classes to outright expulsion from the school, depending on the gravity of the offence .Students are also informed that depending on the gravity of an offence ,they may be summarily expelled from school after an emergency session of the disciplinary council. The discipline department is charge with the execution of the decision of the disciplinary council.


Any  defiance of  these  regulations  will  attract  sanctions  that may  range   from  verbal  and  written  warnings , supplementary  manual work , suspension from classes  to  outright  expulsion  from  the  School, depending on  the  gravity  of   the offense.  Students  are  also  informed  that  depending  on  the  gravity  of  an  offense, they  may  be  summarily   expelled  from  school  after  an  emergency  session  of  the  Disciplinary  Council.   The  discipline  department  is  charged  with  the execution  of  the  decisions  of   the  Disciplinary  Council.




Suspension   of  Studies

In the same way that students gets admitted, they must ensure that in the case where circumstances’ necessitate that their programs /study be suspended, the following process must be strictly followed;

  • Address an Application for suspension letter to the Registrar of the  Specific Maflekumen  School  through your Head   of  Department  and  await a reaction or response from  the appropriate 
  • Should your application be granted, get a photocopy of the approved application for suspension letter from the Registrar  which  you will have to present  when  you plan  to resume studies.
  • Upon return ,address an Application letter for  Resumption of  studies to the Registrar  through  your Head of Department of  the  Specific  School  and await the corresponding 
  • Obtain the approved letter of resumption of studies and use your school admission information to pay your suspension fees(50.000frs per academic year) for all the years that you have  been away and present the payment receipt to the finance Office for clearance.
  • You can now take the payment receipt to your Head of Department to be guided on the way to go .Remember that resumption  means where you paused/stop your studies, that is where  you will be  expected to continue till you complete your programme .
  • Nevertheless, should you decide to do a complete repeat of the programmed in view of upgrading your performance, your department will make a decision following the situation on the ground.
  • Lastly ,all students who fail to go through this process risk losing their programmes through immediate cancellation of admission since they did not officially declare their intention  to  suspended their  respective departments as indicated;


Application   for    < I >   Grade

Should  any  Maflekumen  student  fail/miss  an  examination with  valid  or genuine  reasons  ranging   from ill health ,incapacity  to  others , they  should  immediately   follow up  the  procedure  to  apply  for  an  I  grade in  their  respective  department  as  indicated :

  • Submit a complete application file to the Director of your school through your Head of Department, attaching all documents to back up your claim or advance concrete reasons to justify your absence.
  • Get back to your HOD two or three working days after to obtain concrete feedback/reaction to you application in writing.
  • Do a photocopy of your confirmation if positive and keep for records.
  • Find out when you will need to come and sit for your own examination so that you can find enough time to prepare yourself.
  • Pay the per course amount demanded (POSSIBLY DURING RESIT) and get your signed  receipt showing proof of payment .
  • Make sure you answer present and write all the courses which you were authorized to write and ensure that you apply for a transcript of results at the end of the examination (after resuts have been published ) to  see if  the’’  I’’grade marks have been replaced with your scores as indicated on your individual  results slip.

NB An’’ I’’ grades means the authorities that be consider your application based on how convincing it is  and conclude that  the course  ought to write were not written because  you had  a genuine reason for being  absent  and such  you  will not be  given an ‘’ F’’ which is a failed mark in your  courses ,but you  will have  another opportunity to sit for the examination at  a time that is convenient enough for the school .Hence ,should your application for ‘’ I’’grade be denied, you will then have the only option of following the normal process which will obviously affect your GPA.

Extracurricular   Activities

Sports   and   Recreation

Sport (  Physical  Education ) is  a university requirement for graduation ; hence, sessions are compulsory for all students .When Maflekumen  is  involved in sporting  competitions , all those who  are not participating in the game should constitute  the ,supporters club (Fan’s club) of the school.

Clubs and Clubbing  Activities

All clubs must apply for  authorization  through the  HOD Students   Affairs . This application shall include the name and purpose of the club  as well  as its list of members and a constitution binding their functioning.

All the students of Maflekumen   should belong to a  club which they have to actively serve for the whole academic year .Club meetings and activities shall hold on wednesdays from  4.30- 5.30Pm. The existence of school and departmental  student  associations are encouraged and allowed in view that these structures serve as an arm of the Maflekumen  Administration.

Student   Governing   Executive

The student body  will be represented by a group of elected executives .Student interested in offices in this body  will have  to apply to the Office  of  Welfare /Students Affaires. Those whose   applications are approved will have to contest in elections that shall include all the student  ;which will precede the electoral system adopted  for  the school year.

  The student government representatives shall assist the school authorities to enforce the school, rules and regulations  to the later, and will present any legitimate problems of the student  to the school authorities .The  administration reserves the right to terminate the function  of a student  representatives/delegate  who is not  in order and to conduct fresh elections to replace him or her. The student governing body is expected to carry out its responsibilities within the prescriptions of the school’s rules and regulations.


There shall be many social activities within the school year .These  activities include  welcome activities  for freshmen(Matriculation party), graduation activities ,youth and National Days  and many others .Other  social  activities  may  be organized by  different  clubs/associations on campus , but must be authorized by the Director  of  the  School and  Welfare/Student Officer. All  students must participate  and contribute  to these  activities  as shall be   decided by the authorities  with input from the student  government where necessary.


      This  guide  is  just   a  summary  to  assist  any  student  to  navigate   within  the    respective   Schools  in  Maflekumen.  Students   are  therefore  expected   to  assimilate  this  guide   and   apply   its   contents  .The   Welfare/Student  affairs  officer  is  at  your  disposal  to  assist  you  navigate  properly  and safely   within  the  School campuses  as  well   as  uphold   the  ethics  and  deontology  of  the  University.