Banking & Finance

The Banking and Finance Administration program trains graduates to function in this changing environment.

The college curriculum provides the student with firm foundations in accounting principles, the . banking and monetary systems, the credit granting process, as well as introductions into general management principles and management topics that are unique to the financial services industry. English, math, social science, economics, and public speaking courses provide a valuable broadening experience which prepares graduates to effectively communicate with peers and customers. Typical jobs available for graduates include clerks, tellers, operations supervisors, bank bookkeepers, administrative assistants, and credit investigators.

The certificate programs prepare students for entry-level positions in financial institutions and provide additional education in banking management to current bank employees. Current bank employees can earn college credit while taking specialized banking courses that can increase opportunities for promotion. Students receive basic knowledge and skills in accounting, banking law, banking credit management, bank marketing and the money and banking system of the United States.

Because good customer relations are vital to the financial service industry, students interested in the program should be highly service-oriented and interested in working with people. Potential students also should be industrious and trustworthy. Previous business and banking experience is helpful but not required.

Graduates of the program are qualified for positions as clerks, tellers and management trainees. These positions can be found in departments such as installment loans, data processing, personnel, credit services, commercial loans, branch offices, and auditing departments in banks, thrifts or credit unions.

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Bachelor Of Science in Business Administration

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Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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