Events Management

This course addresses some of the major trends and successful business practices in meeting and event management. Participants will learn valuable tools to improve day-to-day effectiveness and efficiency as an event manager or marketer.

The program offers study for the diploma in event management. The program prepares graduate students for careers in leading event and meeting management businesses. To complete the program, a student combines general education, Event core classes, and a structure of focused courses to form an option in:(a) corporate/business events, (b) virtual events, (c) social events: weddings and nonprofit events, (d) sport events, or (e) innovative event experiences in retail.

Through the major, students gain background and experiences in planning, budgeting, and implementing conferences, meetings, and other special events in the public or private sectors. Course work provides students with a general education plus professional preparation focusing on the concepts and principles involved in meeting and event planning strategy; special event management; stakeholder development; budgets and finance; site selection; contracts, vendors, and negotiations; marketing and promotions; food and beverage management; meeting technology; event evaluation; and hospitality law. Event electives include courses in event sustainability, event digital promotion, incentive meetings, and international conference planning. Supporting courses include foodservice, catering, promotion, brand management, trend analysis, fashion, and resource management.

The program also houses “The Meeting Room: Where Experiences and Technology Innovate,” a lab designed to allow Event Management students to have hands-on access to a number of cutting-edge technology tools designed to let students focus on new and event disruptive ideas in events and meeting management.  The lab is equipped with virtual reality headsets, event sound and lighting equipment, wireless connectivity to displays for BYOD, and group/collaboration furniture.

Graduates from this program are prepared for careers in event planning (corporate events, celebrations, education, promotions, commemorations, trade shows, weddings, conferences, association events, exhibitions, festivals, philanthropies, entertainment, fundraising, conventions, and sport events) and small business development (entrepreneurship). Graduates demonstrate leadership characteristics and make decisions based on integrating knowledge of financial, human resources, promotion, and event management principles. Students are required to complete an internship in event management prior to graduation. The student experience is enhanced through networking and development events with our Event Management Executive Advisory Council, meeting/event industry conferences and association meetings, and international experiences designed specifically for event management students.

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