International Trade

This course will analyze the causes and consequences of international trade and investment. We will investigate why nations trade, what they trade, and who gains (or not) from this trade. We will then analyze the motives for countries or organizations to restrict or regulate international trade and study the effects of such policies on economic welfare. Topics covered will include the effects of trade on economic growth and wage inequality, multinationals and foreign direct investment, international trade agreements and current trade policy disputes.

Students who pursue the field of international trade can complete a bachelor’s degree in a wide variety of fields, including business, finance, or other disciplines with a strong focus on math. International trade courses are available through graduate degree programs in international business, international trade and economics. Students who pursue this line of work have often completed relevant internships as part of their education programs.

Here are some common concepts to be found in international trade courses:

  • Practices and procedures
  • Services
  • Trade
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Analysis

List of Courses

Introduction to International Trade

This introductory course in international trade familiarizes students with theories and policies that guide international trade. This course is usually taken in one of the first semesters of a degree program. Students learn why international trade is important for the U.S. and other nations, and they examine how it effects production, profit and the economy. Students analyze trade policies that are different than those that govern the U.S. discuss why those differences exist.

Introduction to International Business

Students usually take this beginning international business course early in a degree program. Through it, they learn concepts and strategies that will help them build a successful international or domestic business. They study globalization and how it affects business, emphasizing how business is becoming more prominent in such nations as China, India and Brazil. Usually, coursework includes analyzing business case studies.

The World Trade Organization

This course familiarizes students with the laws and regulations set in place by the World Trade Organization. Students explore its history and possible future. They learn how to meet the trade regulations and discuss the principles behind the organization’s dispute resolution system. Students typically take this intermediate international trade class towards the middle of a degree program.

Trade and Investment

Students taking this intermediate international trade course usually take it towards the middle of a bachelor’s or master’s degree program. In it, they learn what different nations have to trade, when they trade it, why they trade it and what they hope to gain from the trade. This information can help students become more competitive when making deals and investments. Students also analyze international trade policies with in-class discussions that focus on how the policy affects international trade and businesses involved in it.

Policy and Theory

An advanced international trade course, such as this one, is typically taken by bachelor’s and master’s degree students towards the end of a degree program. In this course, students learn trade theory and explore trade laws. They analyze laws pertaining to monopolies and trade protection and discuss theories that can help them become successful in international trade. Students also analyze how trade affects the political economy.

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