There   are   two  Clinical  placements in each  academic  year  for   the  School  of  Health  Sciences  in  legalized  Health  Institutions having  an   MOU  with  Maflekumen .  The   first   semester  internship  is  in  the  months  of   February –April   and  the  Second  semester  internship   in  July –September.    The   Internship   duration  for  each   session   runs for six weeks  .The   students   offering   Top  Up  Degree  Programs   have   one   internship  placement  ranging  2-3months   between    the   month  of   March  to   May  each  year. 

The internship for the Schools of Management, Business, Education and Technology are negotiated accordingly , taking into consideration the most suitable period of the academic calendar . Upon start of internship the students are given specific objectives to guide them as well as an internship Log Book to input procedures performed and those observed in the course of the Internship