Nursing Sciences

A primary goal of the course of studies is to educate the graduates as competent nursing care scientists

To train highly qualified nurses capable of providing holistic high quality nursing care in diverse clinical situations locally, nationally and internationally.


Level of Studies:                    Undergraduate Studies

Specialty:                              Nursing

Degree Offered:                    Bachelor of Nursing Sciences (BNS)

Duration of Studies:             Four Years (Eight Semesters)

Objective of Degree Programme

To train nurses who are equipped with requisite knowledge, modern scientific reasoning and competent in appropriate application as relates to the discipline in their daily performance of given tasks as a members of a health team.

Specific Objectives

The four – year BNS programme aims to equip its graduate nurse to be able to:

  • Practice skilled, personalised, dynamic and comprehensive holistic nursing care in any clinical setting.
  • Apply the nursing process in planning nursing care for patients in the hospital and community settings.
  • Utilise scientific principles and reasoning in the problem solving process in rendering nursing services in hospitals, communities and other settings where health care is provided.
  • Employ sound clinical judgement when making decisions on behalf of the patient assigned to his or her care.
  • Exhibit leadership and management skills in the coordination and delivery of nursing care.
  • Exhibit professional ethics and moral judgement in patient care decisions and relationships with other colleagues of the profession.
  • Co-ordinate delivery of high quality and holistic care.
  • Apply evidence based practice in the improvement of nursing care in hospitals and community settings.


Internship is an integral part of the training and counts towards graduation. All students are required to participate in inter-session internships for 3 weeks every second semester during the first 3 years, and for eight months of their last year in selected hospitals and health centers. They will rotate through the following disciplines:

  • General Medicine Internship;
  • General Surgery internship;
  • Pediatric/Neonatal Nursing Internship;
  • Psychiatric Nursing Internship
  • Operating theatre, Intensive Care and Anesthesia Internship;
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology Internship.
  • Oncology/Hemodialysis.

Employment Opportunities

The knowledge and skills obtained by a BNS graduate from CATUC provides the graduate with the opportunities to be Self-employed, government and non-governmental organizations employed, as well as the possibilities to teach in professional and/or research institutions.

Admission Requirements

  1. Five Ordinary Level passes including the English Language, Mathematics and Biology.
  2. Advanced Level passes (at least two subjects including Biology)
  • State Registered Nurse, with passes in five GCE Ordinary Level subjects (English Language, Biology and Mathematics inclusive), plus at least one A/Level pass preferably in a science subject.

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focuses   on    Enabling  local people  improve  , promote  and  sustain their  own  health  and   development.

focuses on Community emancipation ,Empowerment and Participation (CEEP)

includes Humanity and Service, Professionalism, Knowledge Engineering , Academic Excellence , Proactivism

is Whatever you do , do it for the Glory of God (1Corinthians 11:3)

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Pursue your passion for health care and helping people through nursing while developing your scientific knowledge of anatomy and physiology, drug therapy, comprehensive health assessment and evidence-based practice.