Project Management

You’ll develop the cultural awareness and critical thinking skills you need to analyze and produce a broad range of discourse in a full spectrum of careers — and to make a difference in whatever you do.


The Project Management Course Modules


1. Introduction to Project Management

Defining “project management”
Exploring opportunities in the project management field
Developing project management skills
Categorising different types of projects
Understanding the difference between projects and programmes

2. Planning Your Project

Planning a project
Identifying and delivering on your client’s priorities
Managing stakeholders
Developing a project management plan
RACI Matrix
Preventing ‘scope creep’
Assessing the feasibility of a project
Identifying and managing risks

3. Implementing Your Project

Entering into a contract
Managing a project
Setting up a project database
Creating an effective work schedule
Monitoring a project
Conducting effective meetings
Managing change
Addressing problems

4. Project Management Techniques

Identifying organisational structures
Estimating costs and budgeting
Using critical path project management tools (WBS, Gantt chart, Project Network Diagram)
Establishing the critical path
Tracking project milestones
Using the programme evaluation and review technique (PERT tool)
Using process improvement tools (Fishbone, SIPOC)
Managing time
Controlling quality

5. Business and Financial Issues

Understanding the importance of a business case
Developing a business case
Identifying project costs
Calculating return on investment (ROI)
Calculating a payback period
Determining net present value (NPV)

6. The Project from Start to Finish

Identifying the life cycle of a project
Handing over a project
Closing a project
Reviewing a project

7. People in the Project

Assembling your project team
Planning resources for your project team
Managing your project team
Managing conflict within your team
Communicating effectively
Providing leadership and fostering teamwork

8. Your Career in Project Management

Progressing through different project management positions
Breaking into official project management
Creating your cover letter and curriculum vita
Advancing in your career
The next step after project managemen

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