A primary goal of the coTrain to perform ultrasound procedures and help monitor patient health in hospitals and community clinics through this specialized program covering all the key aspects of ultrasound technology, as well as anatomy and patient care.urse of studies is to educate the graduates as competent nursing care scientists


Diagnostic Medical Sonography, also known as ultrasound, is a technology involving the application of high-frequency sound waves toward patients to help physicians in medical diagnoses.

Diagnostic medical sonographers work as members of patient care teams, assessing patients and providing information to physicians for diagnoses and monitoring patients’ health status. This is a specialized vocation requiring a high degree of technical skills and exceptional interpersonal skills.

This program teaches key aspects of ultrasound technology including obstetrics and gynecology, the cardiac and vascular systems and abdomen and superficial structures. Studies also include patient care, physics, anatomy and physiology, equipment instrumentation, quality control and the performance of diagnostic scanning procedures.

Graduates are educated as Generalist Sonographers as per Sonography Cameroon’s Competency Profile Version 6.0 and have expertise in scanning the human abdomen, male pelvis, superficial structures (thyroid, parathyroid & salivary glands, scrotum & breast), obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound examinations. The students also obtain skills in utilizing Doppler Ultrasound of the upper & lower extremity venous Doppler, abdominal vessels as well as extra cranial vessels.

After graduation, you can challenge the Generalist credentialing exam by Sonography Canada and if successful can be registered by the College of Medical Radiation & Imaging Technologists of Ontario, they can choose to find employment and practice as a generalist Sonographer or specialize in a particular field in the generalist expertise.

Future career opportunities include (but are not limited to) working in hospitals, private clinics, research, management, new product development and education.

Graduates can go on to specialize in MRI & Imaging Informatics.

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